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For the Cost of
2 speciality drinks y ou can get a 

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1 restaurant dinner y ou can order a

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  How Coaching Works    

As a Certified Counselor and as the  Recipient of the Outstanding Service Award, I'll coach you for maximum progress to achieve healing at an optimal pace. 

On this page you can choose from several opportunities to get a Session with a Code, or just a Code.

For the Radical Change Program visit the Radical Change page.

For Elite Training visit the Elite Training page.

Either way I'll email information to explain the process. 

Remember, Self Care is your willingness to do the Code for the number of minutes per Code, the number of times a day, for the number of days recommended.

ustom Codes & Sessions
 created specifically for you and your personal concerns



Set Free


Set Free Custom Code Sessions


Stuck? Tried everything and you're still stuck? Sometimes we want to change, but a part of us resists because unconsciously  the problem has become "comfortable." I'll apply my training to uncover the root of your issue and I'll help you remove any resistance to your wellbeing. After the resistance dissolves, I'll develop a strong Custom Code.  Each session is 60 minutes. Skyping and FaceTime available.

Find Relief and Keep It!    

Set Free!




Streaming Codes 


Custom Guided Code Sessions
with Streaming Codes


This offer is for former clients who understand how to use the Codes effectively. In these 30 minute sessions we get right to work by telling tell me the issue you'd like to address & I'll build a Code. Next, I'll guide you through the Code during our call.  

Custom Guided Code & Streaming Code




Phone Me! 


Phone-Me for some
Pastoral Counseling


This is the "on-the-spot-whatever-the-issue-is" counseling for current clients. I'll help you over the phone, right at that time. This is a great option to consider when you sign up as a client. I can help you just as the going gets rough or confusing or lonely and you need guidance from your pastoral friend. Lunch time, break time, decision time; these very short sessions get right to the point and take you to the next step. Takes about 20 minutes. 


Phone Me a Code


I'm Ready!


Ready for the Next Milestone


I'll Combine my Certified Training in 

  The Healing Codes &

Immediate Relief Therapy 

For: Trauma, OCD, Depression, Pain, Phobia, Rejection, Grief, Addiction and Anxiety.

Then you'll get a Custom Code for your daily use

Which finds more layers and goes even deeper.
Sessions are 90 minutes on Skype or FaceTime for a Remarkable Clearing!


Ready for the Next Milestone



Text Me a Code!


 Text-Me-a Code or E-mail-me-a-Code !


Texting and Email have become a way of life. If you are a current client, you can text or email me and I’ll send you a Custom Code asap.   

In a week, if you like, I'll email or text you

 to see how you're doing.


Email Me a Code or Text Me a Code


I am available to help you and your friends
in the most time effective


Success Codes Work!

Success Codes


With these sessions, I help you uncover the limiting beliefs and memories that are sabotaging success in your life today. After removing the negative belief, we infuse a truth/positive belief. This helps balance your energy field and will radiate to others who are important to your success. For your further development, you'll get a custom code-to-go to use on any other unhealthy beliefs, blocks, or limits that come up!

Takes about 60 minutes.


Success Codes


Let's work on the priorites of life.


Relationship Codes in Action

Relationship Codes


I help you address the underlying issues that are interferring you from having beautiful, lasting, healthy relationships in your personal and professional life. By removing the unhealthy beliefs and implementing the truth/positive confession of what is true and right for you; you'll be on your way to healing in areas you didn't even know existed. That's the beauty of balancing your energy field! Takes about 60 minutes.


Relationship Codes


Gift Card from the Heart Gift Card from the Heart
Everyone loves a Gift Card & this is the one that can change the course of a life!

With this Gift Card, the receipant will get all of the materials necessary to understand The Codes. Then they can decide which issue they'd like to address. I'll make a Custom Guided Code for your friend & do the Code with them over the phone on Skype or FaceTime. To top it off, I'll even stream the Code!

Give a Significant Gift

Gifts from the Heart




Truth Technique

Weight Management Health Program


Find answers to your previously unresolved
Weight Management Health problems with

The Truth Technique

Are you really ready for a change? Let's remove the the issues and resistance that keep you from the weight and health you desire and need! We'll use applied kinesology to discover your body's unique needs. Finally, I'll develop a couple of effective Custom Codes for you to use each week. 

Sessons are 60 minutes until you "Get Your Footing" then you can do 30 minute sessions "dancing" until your weight is off and your health is on!




Loose Weight, Gain Health and Keep It!    


It's Wonderful

 to have a method 
 where you don't have to take medicine
or suffer a trendy
to succeed!


The New You!









Thank you for trusting me
with your greatest concerns.

If it matters to you, it matters to me.





*A Note to my Client-Friends: Read the Disclaimer page before ordering any of the above services. Proceeding with your order means you agree to the terms and conditions of the Disclaimer, thanks very much.



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